• Name: Oil Resistant Conveyor Belt
  • Number: GW-12
  • Factory: Goldway Conveyor Belt
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The product is made of cotton canvas ,nylon canvas or EP canvas and finished through the processes of calendering, assembling, vulcanizing and etc.It is suitable for conveying oily materials or working at oily sites。

mineral oil,vegetable oil,animal oil,organic solvent in food processing plants or chemical factories.

Technical Data:
1.Oil resistant conveyor belt can be divided into two types according to cover properties: Ordinary type (L) and Anti-abrasive type(D).
After the aging test(70C*168h),at cover rate of “tensile strength at breaking”and “elongation at breaking”,the value change is not over 25% than before.

Grade Breaking Strength(Mpa) Elongation At Break(%) Abrasion(mm3)
L ≥14.0 ≥350 ≤200
D ≥16.0 ≥350 ≤160

Note:L----Under the general oil resistant condition.
D----Under the high abrasion and oil resistant condition.

2.According to oil resistance,it can be divided into two types of MOR(medium oil resistant),OR(oil resistant).
1)MOR belt only require certain oil resistant grade.
2)OR belts are used in situation which require a very high oil resistance grade.


Before soaking into Coconut Oil

After Soaking into Coconut Oil

Other OR Conveyor Belt

Goldway OR Conveyor Belt


Oil Resistant Conveyor Belt Specification We can Produce:


Belt Type Fabric Ply Carcass Min. Ply Strength # of Plies CoverGauge(mm) Belt Width Grade
      (N/mm)   Top Cover Bottom Cover     
EP Belts EP100 1 100 2-8
Not To Exceed 
1.5-30 0-20 300-2200 15MPA
EP125 1 120
EP150 1.1 150
EP200 1.2 200
EP250 1.3 250
EP300 1.4 300
EP350 1.5 350
EP400 1.6 400
EP500 1.7 500
EP600 1.8 600
NN Belts NN100 1 100 2-10
Not To Exceed 
1.5-30 0-20 300-2200
NN125 1 125
NN150 1.1 150
NN200 1.2 200
NN250 1.4 250
NN300 1.6 300
NN400 1.7 400
NN500 1.9 500
NN600 2.1 600
CC Belts CC56 1.1 56 3--12 1.5-30 0-20 300-2200

Product and Package:

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