• Name: Bucket Elevator Conveyor Belt
  • Number: GW-05
  • Factory: Goldway Conveyor Belt
  • Views : 326

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Classification of performance:EP fabric or ST steel cord
Stucture:Cut edge

Mould edge

Bucket elevator conveyor belt for bucket elevator vertical transportation of materials.Widely used in building materials mining chemical industry light industry machinery electricity food and other departments of the ordinary or thermal environment of vertical material transportation.
Small elongation large conveying capacity stable operation convenient maintenance.A good adaptability to the bulk material.

Bucket elevator conveyor belt in use process need relatively high linear rate and smaller elongation ,and tear resistant ability with constant tension,vulcanization and strengthen type can achieve good effect ripstop material.
Standards: Can be manufactured following various fabric standards: GB/T7984, GB/T10822, HG3714, HG3782, DIN2210, AS1332, JISK6322

Belt Construction Nomenclature Example:
EP800/4-1200-6+2 GB/T7984-L
>EP: Fabric designation
>800/4: belt’s longitudinal breaking strength 800N/mm 4 plies of EP fabric
>1200: Belt width in mm
>6+2:Top and bottom cover gauges( Thickness)
>GB/T7984-L: Belt standard and cover grade



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