• Name: Corrugated Sidewall Conveyor Belt
  • Number: GW-04
  • Factory: Goldway Conveyor Belt
  • Views : 355

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Structure:  three parts

1.Base belt structure
Four parts: top cover rubber, bottom cover rubber, reinforced core, cross rigid
2.Sidewall: S type


3. Cleat: C type and TC type


Corrugated Sidewall Conveyor Belt is one of the most effective ways of elevating materials in a confined space, the economy is achieved  by single side belt operation, wide range of materials can be handled, less space requirement, no transfer point, low maintenance , and big capacity. Corrugated sidewall conveyor belt can be design into a complete transportation system according to the applications.


Construction industry, Potash and salt mining, Stones and earth, Fertilizer, Chemical industry, Recycling industry, Rural co-ops and traders in agricultural commodities, agriculture.
Sidewall Conveyor Belt Can be manufactured following various standards: GB/T7984, GB/T10822, HG3714, HG3782, DIN2210, AS1332, JISK6322.
Belt Construction Nomenclature Example:
EP500/2-600-4+2.5 GB/T7984-L
>EP: Fabric designation
>500/2: belt’s longitudinal breaking strength 800N/mm
        4 plies of EP fabric
>600: Belt width in mm
>4+2.5:Top and bottom cover gauges( Thickness)
>GB/T7984-L: Belt standard and cover grade
S 120-75
>S: Sidewall type
>160: Height of sidewall
>140: Width of free zone
TC 110-350-360
>TC: Heat type
>110: Height of cleat
>350: Width of heat  ( Effective width of belt)
>360: Pitch of heat


Technical Parameters:



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