• Name: Chevron Conveyor Belt
  • Number: GW-02
  • Factory: Goldway Conveyor Belt
  • Views : 530

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Classification of performance: 
General Conveyor belt; Oil resistant, Heat resistant, Chemical resistant; Fire Resistant; Cold Resistant;  Abrasion Resistant; High Temperature Resistant.

Chevrons conveyor belt with chevrons moulded and directly integrated in the cover of the conveyor belt, in order to increase the friction between the belt and material conveyed.

Suitable for conveying powered granulated lumped or bagged materials on inclined surface with angels of no more than 40 degrees.

Anti-slip:cleats and top cover rubber are vulcanized integrally:cleat pattern angel and pitch are designed elaborately.


Stucture:     Cut Edge Conveyor Belt   Mould Edge Conveyor Belt


Can be manufactured following various fabric standards: GB/T7984, GB/T10822, HG3714, HG3782, DIN2210, AS1332, JISK6322


Belt Construction Nomenclature Example:
EP800/4-1200-6+2 GB/T7984-L
>EP: Fabric designation
>800/4: belt’s longitudinal breaking strength 800N/mm
        4 plies of EP fabric
>1200: Belt width in mm
>6+2Top and bottom cover gauges( Thickness)
>GB/T7984-L: Belt standard and cover grade












































































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