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Excellent quality is the prime condition to win the customer trust. From raw material selection, semi-finished products inspection, to finished goods delivery, We ensure product quality consistently from beginning to the end.

Perfect quality management system is the foundation of product quality, we’ve passed ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification and set up quality management department, to build a test system of self-inspection, mutual inspection, special inspection.

In raw materials procurement, we established a strict management system, implement the classification and grading management for suppliers, mainly about enterprise scale, industry status, quality management, supplier performance, to ensure stable supply channels, excellent quality and create high quality raw material supply chain.

In the production processing, Goldway Rubber spent lots of money to build the manufacturing process, and deployed 7 position automatic precision batching system, mixer powder automatic weighing system, four roll automatic calender production line, constant tension control line, automatic vulcanization production line.

In product testing, to ensure stable quality, we selected professional testing equipment, equipped with rotorlesscuremeters, Mooney viscosity tester, carbon black dispersion tester, 5000N-300000N tensile strength testing machine, dynamic steel cord testing machine, drum friction testing machine, abrasion tester, high temperature aging test chamber, ozone aging test chamber and other high-precision testing equipment.

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