Quality Assurance

Quality people, quality technology creating quality tires.That’s the JIATONG way.

Excel on: It takes the best to make the best.
It all starts with people.You need the world’s best people to make the world’s best tires. That’s why JIATONG recruits,trains, empowers and retains the very best people.

Best raw materials.You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow's ear and you can't make the best tires and tubes from second-rate raw materials.
That's why JIATONG buys the best to make the best.

Best technology.In the fast changing world of tire manufacturing technology, JIATONG is a leader of the pack, deploying the latest technology and machinery for every stage of the manufacturing and tire testing process.

Best quality control. We’re not just kicking the tires: JIATONG quality control is built in to every stage of the tire manufacturing process not tacked on to the end.

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